Tail #73-1652 Re-paint Project

UPDATE (8/13):  I meant to post an update this week, but just didn’t get to it. The stenciling is either complete or nearly complete. I have to confirm with Chester and Rich. The landscaping plan was presented to the Museum for approval, but the director misunderstood our intentions and is wanting us to do something else. He is currently on “haitus” (not sure what happened), but I will get with Mitch Bevans and figure something out. Once we have approval of our landscape plan, we will finish this project once and for all, but for now, the bird looks good.

PRIMER & PAINT (Purchased) – $4,173.48
MAN-LIFT RENTAL – 1 month (Purchased) – $2,404.50
EQUIP & SUPPLIES (Purchased) – $1,641.11
DONATION BALANCE – $2386.03 (for landscaping)
– Paper copies available of all receipts, and no I won’t be offended.

• Prep (Sanding):  100% complete.
• Taping: 100% complete
• Priming: 100% complete.
• Paint: 100% Complete.
• Touch-up & Stencils: Complete or nearly complete (save 3 or 4 stencils).
• Landscaping: TBD, awaiting approval of plan by Museum Director.

Donation List:
DateNameDonation (Gross)PayPal feeDonation (Net)
9/10/16Vince DePersio$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/10/16Bobby Lamb$125.00-$3.93$121.07
9/10/16Mark Kinsey$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/10/16Michael Molzahn$105.00-$3.35$101.65
9/10/16Barbara Sipperly$103.20-$3.29$99.91
9/10/16Marty Holtsberg$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/10/16Joe Moon$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/11/16Billy Breedlove$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/11/16Jordan Ziroli$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/11/16Bill Barnett$125.00-$3.93$121.07
9/11/16Dave Denenberg$104.00-$3.32$100.68
9/11/16Michael Simpkins$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/11/16Kent Vickery$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/11/16Tom Green$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/12/16David Quinn$150.00-$4.65$145.35
9/12/16Haydn Hughes$150.00-$4.65$145.35
9/12/16Aaron Kimsey$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/14/16Steven Strawbridge$208.00-$6.33$201.67
9/15/16Mike Czap$50.00-$1.75$48.25
9/16/16George Hodges$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/16/16Mike Barg$515.00-$15.24$499.76
9/16/16Robert Dees$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/16/16Mike Haas$125.00-$3.93$121.07
9/18/16Matt Mathews$150.00-$4.65$145.35
9/19/16Mark Reeves$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/20/16Jack Hester$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/22/16Charlie Mauze$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/27/16Carola Plumhoff$200.00-$6.10$193.90
10/3/16Craig Dock$200.00-$6.10$193.90
10/4/16Mark Kindurys$200.00-$6.10$193.90
12/4/16Steven Dreyer$150.00-$4.65$145.35
4/20/17James Warner$250.00-$7.55$242.45
5/4/17John Adrian$200.00$0$200.00
5/16/17Bobby Lamb$150.00-$4.65$145.35
5/17/17Charlie Mauze$250.00-$7.55$242.45
5/19/17Glenn Fleming$100.00-$3.20$96.80
5/20/17Luis Correa$100.00$0$100.00
5/20/17Mike Breyfogle$100.00-$3.20$96.80
5/21/17Thomas Lore$50.00-$1.75$48.25
5/23/17Glenn Fleming$450.00$0$450.00
5/25/17Bud Sauvageau$100.00-$3.20$96.80
5/25/17Mike Carroll$50.00-$1.75$48.25
5/25/17Rick Simmon$100.00$0$100.00
5/25/17Ann Fremstad$100.00-$3.20$96.80
5/26/17Joe Orr$250.00-$7.55$242.45
5/30/17Dave Jaehn$30.00$0$30.00
5/30/17Mike Molzahn$150.00-$4.65$145.35
5/30/17John Sykes$100.00-$3.20$96.80
5/31/17Jim Teeple$100.00$0$100.00
5/31/17Kevin Forest (Vert Impulse)$200.00-$6.10$193.90
5/31/17Bobby Lamb$150.00-$4.65$145.35
5/31/17Abe Fabela$100.00-$3.20$96.80
6/1/17Bob Van Lorynen$100.00-$3.20$96.80
6/1/17Andrew Bickham$100.00-$3.20$96.80
6/1/17Jeff Morrison$100.00-$3.20$96.80
6/1/17James Ray$50.00-$1.75$48.25
6/1/17Jeff Bailey$200.00-$6.10$193.90
6/1/17Louise Kiernan
6/1/17Steve Kelly$153.00-$4.74$148.26
6/1/17Cascille Reiner$25.00-$1.03$23.97
6/1/17Larry McLaughlin$100.00-$3.20$96.80
6/1/17Steve Dreyer$200.00-$6.10$193.90
6/2/17Mike Scaramouche$200.00-$6.10$193.90
6/2/17Dave Freeman$100.00-$3.20$96.80
6/2/17Robert Baldino$100.00-$3.20$96.80
6/2/17Mark Pryor$100.00-$3.20$96.80
6/4/17Bill Berner$100.00-$3.20$96.80
6/4/17Steve Dreyer$500.00-$14.80$485.20
6/6/17Bill Smickle$100.00-$3.20$96.80
6/6/17Mark Schibler$200.00$0$200.00
6/7/17Tom Aldrich$150.00-$4.65$145.35
6/8/17Tobias Switzer$200.00-$6.10$193.90
6/23/17Thi-Anh Moore$24.66$0$24.66
7/5/17Gene Becker$75.00$2.48$72.52
7/5/17Chris Prokosch$500.00$14.65$485.35

John Grove Memorial

John Grove’s legacy lives on and not just in the PAVE LOW world. John helped fund Bless the Children, an international organization helping the poorest children of the world who are living under extreme conditions. He did this with his own retirement check! After his passing, several other caring PAVE guys stepped in to help out. In short, Bless The Children is looking for annual donations in order to provide a minimum of $2000 a month towards his memorial fund.

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