Donations and Volunteers for Repaint of PAVE LOW Tail #1652

1652 Repainting info from Chester Fleming:
The following is the proposed plan to get MH-53J/M 1652 re-painted. All tasks will be accomplished during the normal work week, between the hours of 0800 and 1400. Saturdays may become an option depending on Museum Staff availability. The majority of work will begin the last week in May (on or about 30 May), which allows us time gather all necessary materials needed and to allow volunteers time to arrange their schedules. This is a plan, and like all plans it is something to deviate from. We all have been around helicopters long enough to know “Stuff Happens”. Vince and I have worked out a division of labor stratagem, where he handles the “politics”/logistics and I handle the hands-on items. Please feel free to contact either of us with questions, suggestions or to volunteer. We would like to (polite for NEED) to have names for the schedule NLT 5 May. This will give us time to work any issues that may arise at the last minute and ensure a successful start to the project.

• MRH scrub down: 1652’s MRH has collected some green mold. With prior coordination with the Museum Staff, a small group (2-3) of locals(?) armed with soap, water and green scrub pads should be able to take care of this any work day prior to the end of May. Volunteers please PM me, and we will get this taken care of.
• Preparation: This step will begin on or about 30 May and will require a minimum crew of 6-8. The current estimate on time required is 4-5 work days (based on 6-8 personnel). This is the dirty work, which will include scuffing the whole aircraft with orbital sanders and 80 grit sandpaper. Also, included will be the removal of current bird’s nest, and the placement of screens to try to slow down any more nest building. Once the sanding is complete, another wash will be needed prior to the next step.
• Taping: Estimated start date is 5 June requiring a minimum crew of 4-6 and approximately 4 hours.
• Priming: Estimated start date is 5 June requiring a minimum crew of 6-8 and approximately 4 days. This starts with a two-part primer that has a working life dependent on the temperature of the day (~1 hour in 85-90° heat). 3-4 crews of two volunteers each will allow us to cover the aircraft with minimal or no waste of material. It has been suggested we have a ground crew of two in charge of mixing primer as required.
• Paint: Estimated start date is 12 June requiring a crew of 6-8 and approximately 3-4 days. Like the primer, the paint is also a two-part paint and will be applied in the same manner as the primer. We will be working with both the gray and black at the same time, so a bit more coordination will be needed.
• Stencils and touch up: This will be done when the paint has had time to cure, and will only require a very small crew.
• Landscaping: Method and timeline is TBD.

As you would guess the materials and tools list is somewhat extensive. Portable compressors large enough to run a DA Sander, air hoses, connectors, sanders, and generators will also be required. If you have something that we can use, please contact us so we can coordinate to ensure we have everything we need, otherwise we will have to purchase it. The Museum Staff has provided a list of consumables needed, which donors have graciously provided funds for, but we will probably require a few more bucks once we get a good estimate on the items.

In order for this to be a successful project, we need to ensure your time is dedicated (i.e. don’t sign up and then not show). We understand extenuating circumstances, but just want to ensure we’re not stuck with only 2-3 people doing all the work, which would lengthen the time required for the project. Vince is going to contact the Daily News to see if they would like to do a story on the project and more importantly, the dedicated people the bleed PAVE LOW, even though she’s retired.

Some of you have offered to cook meals for the teams. There is a pavilion with picnic benches that the museum says we can use. We’ll have to bring our own grill for the cooking. Once we have the schedule built, if you want to cook, let Vince know and we’ll work out the details.

NO BOOZE during the project! We can have a party after it’s complete.

Thanks for making this all happen and I look forward to hearing from you!


Below is the donation spreadsheet. TOTAL DONATIONS: $4030.23
DateNameDonation (Gross)PayPal feeDonation (Net)
9/10/16Vince DePersio$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/10/16Bobby Lamb$125.00-$3.93$121.07
9/10/16Mark Kinsey$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/10/16Michael Molzahn$105.00-$3.35$101.65
9/10/16Barbara Sipperly$103.20-$3.29$99.91
9/10/16Marty Holtsberg$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/10/16Joe Moon$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/11/16Billy Breedlove$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/11/16Jordan Ziroli$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/11/16Bill Barnett$125.00-$3.93$121.07
9/11/16Dave Denenberg$104.00-$3.32$100.68
9/11/16Michael Simpkins$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/11/16Kent Vickery$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/11/16Tom Green$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/12/16David Quinn$150.00-$4.65$145.35
9/12/16Haydn Hughes$150.00-$4.65$145.35
9/12/16Aaron Kimsey$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/14/16Steven Strawbridge$208.00-$6.33$201.67
9/15/16Mike Czap$50.00-$1.75$48.25
9/16/16George Hodges$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/16/16Mike Barg$515.00-$15.24$499.76
9/16/16Robert Dees$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/16/16Mike Haas$125.00-$3.93$121.07
9/18/16Matt Mathews$150.00-$4.65$145.35
9/19/16Mark Reeves$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/20/16Jack Hester$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/22/16Charlie Mauze$100.00-$3.20$96.80
9/27/16Carola Plumhoff$200.00-$6.10$193.90
10/3/16Craig Dock$200.00-$6.10$193.90
10/4/16Mark Kindurys$200.00-$6.10$193.90
12/4/16Steven Dreyer$150.00-$4.65$145.35

John Grove Memorial

John Grove’s legacy lives on and not just in the PAVE LOW world. John helped fund Bless the Children, an international organization helping the poorest children of the world who are living under extreme conditions. He did this with his own retirement check! After his passing, several other caring PAVE guys stepped in to help out. In short, Bless The Children is looking for annual donations in order to provide a minimum of $2000 a month towards his memorial fund.

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