Tail #73-1652 Re-paint Project

UPDATE (8/13):  I meant to post an update this week, but just didn’t get to it. The stenciling is either complete or nearly complete. I have to confirm with Chester and Rich. The landscaping plan was presented to the Museum … Continue reading

Job Networking

PHI, Inc is looking to hire twelve (12) helicopter pilots to fly the Bell 407 supporting the Oil & Gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico.  Minimum requirement is 1000 hours helicopter Pilot In Command (PIC) time.  PIC time does … Continue reading


Financial statement updated. Requiem for a Heavy-lift is an article written by Jim Henthorn about 68-10369’s last flight heading to the bone yard. GREAT READ! – Vince

John Grove Memorial

John Grove’s legacy lives on and not just in the PAVE LOW world. John helped fund Bless the Children, an international organization helping the poorest children of the world who are living under extreme conditions. He did this with his own retirement check! After his passing, several other caring PAVE guys stepped in to help out. In short, Bless The Children is looking for annual donations in order to provide a minimum of $2000 a month towards his memorial fund.

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