Click on the link(s) below to view the lineages. Caesar Archangel started the Aerial Gunner Lineage, and it can now be updated here. Jerry Diaz started the Flight Engineer Lineage around 2006 and is also updated here. The Maintenance Lineage page was added in 2009 since they never had one.

If you’re not on the list, please use the link provided to fill out your info and get added. Please note that records were not maintained for us to make each list. Your input is vital to preserving our heritage.

John Grove Memorial

John Grove’s legacy lives on and not just in the PAVE LOW world. John helped fund Bless the Children, an international organization helping the poorest children of the world who are living under extreme conditions. He did this with his own retirement check! After his passing, several other caring PAVE guys stepped in to help out. In short, Bless The Children is looking for annual donations in order to provide a minimum of $2000 a month towards his memorial fund.

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