The PAVE LOW “Lasts” List

39/26/08Hot GasALL
49/24/08Ground Run1
58/20/08Inadvertent Flare Dispense of Alpha2
69/26/08Blade Pressure Light4
78/18/08Time Sensitive Log Run4/1
89/8/08RAPTOR OP6/5/1
98/18/08High Altitude Mission3/1
109/19/08Successful HAR6/5
118/18/08Backend Rebellion4/1
127/23/08AFCAM Event2/1
138/8/08J-LENS Event4
149/26/08Naked Gunner in FLIRGarcia
159/9/08Post-BMNT Return2
169/27/08Spray painted w/ a HornetPryor
199/26/08Flight Lead2
209/26/08Chalk Last1
229/17/08Hot Gas w/ Hot POL Chicks x 21
238/5/08ROZ Fly through3
249/26/08Pilot "Becker'd"Roberts
258/7/08Fuel Low Level Light in flight5
268/31/08Vehicle Movement3
279/18/08Dust-out Go-around5/2
288/7/08Chalk 2 taking lead inside IP on a DA5
2903/??/08Pilot forced to run down Alpha taxiway nakedButz
308/29/08Hover taxi into parking5
318/9/08Unsuccessful HAR5/6
329/18/08Direct Action Mission2/5
339/18/08Radio Traffic w/ Kingpin3
349/26/08PAVE on PAVE Log runAll
359/21/08POC Food pickup5
368/5/08Flight through "Blue Rain"3
389/17/08Joint Formation Flight1
399/26/08Naked Gunner hugGarcia to Howell
408/16/08100% Illumination flight4
419/26/080% Illumination flightALL
429/8/08Flare dispense w/in 10' Of JOC2
439/26/08Chick PAXSonny by 4
448/15/08Wrong LZ landing on a LOG Run (but still hitting zeros)2
4510/??/08Marine Exchange PilotPayne
479/18/08PUCS Jackpot5
489/20/08Comp Wash1
498/20/08THRASHER MRT2/1
519/9/08DA Abortion6/5/1
528/23/08O-6 to have a Hornet Spray painted on their chestHowell
538/22/08BAGEX (msn canx while on flight line)1/6
Crew 1Crew 2
Maj Philip CooperMaj Brian Roberts
Capt Peter HettingerCapt Daniel Florence
TSgt Henry WoodieSMSgt Mark Pryor
SrA Joshua LucasSrA Justin Foster
SSgt Shawn LewisTSgt Corey Fossbender
SrA Eric HarpSSgt William Sell
Crew 3Crew 4
Capt Ryan VanVeelenCapt Eric Maddox
Capt Andy BillhartzCapt Michael Blough
TSgt Vince DePersioTSgt Shawn Watkins
TSgt James RhodesSSgt Carl Smith
SSgt Matthew GarciaTSgt Michael Welles
TSgt Linwood StullSSgt Andrew Bickham
Crew 5Crew 6
Capt Kieth SnookCapt Brian Daniels
Capt Matthew GidleyCapt Scott Dunning
TSgt Jesse KennedyTSgt Morris Jefferson
MSgt Kevin JamesTSgt Terry Hobbs
MSgt Robert StrongTSgt Daniel Mann
SrA Brooks SadilekSrA Justin Trumpower
Lt Col Eugene Becker - CC
SrA Walter Dyle - POC
SSgt Ria Sonny - Life Support
Sra Jean Rivera - 1C0
SrA Ricky Chang - Intel

John Grove Memorial

John Grove’s legacy lives on and not just in the PAVE LOW world. John helped fund Bless the Children, an international organization helping the poorest children of the world who are living under extreme conditions. Bless The Children is looking for annual donations towards his memorial fund.

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